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What does 10-Free mean?
10-Free polish does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, or ingredients derived from animals.

How do I store my Kester Black Nail Polish?
Nail polish should always be stored in a cool dark place. Do not store nail polish in the fridge. Temperature variation i.e the fridge and extreme heat, will cause damage to the formulation, resulting in gluggy varnish or colour separation. Storing nail polish in direct sunlight will also change the colour of the polish.

What is the shelf life of my nail polish?

You will be happy to hear that Kester Black nail polish has an unlimited shelf life. If colours separate  when not in use, simply shake the bottle well to re-mix. If your nail polish dried out or becomes gluggy, you can purchase our nail polish thinner, which will bring your colour back to its former glory. Do not add nail polish remover as this actually eats away at the nail polish, causing it to chip easily.

Are your products tested on animals?
No, Kester Black has never and will never test on animals.

Are your products vegan?
Yes, all Kester Black products are 100% vegan. We have also just gained accreditation with The Vegan Society.

What is a vegan polish?
All Kester Black products are 100% vegan. We have also just gained accreditation with The Vegan Society. Vegan nail polish means that there are no ingredients in the product that have been derived from animals. There are often crushed beetles, and fish scales in nail polish to achieve some of the colours and effects.

Do Kester Black polishes wear the same as commercial nail polishes?
Yes, Kester Black polish is just as long lasting and chip resistant as commercial, toxic versions.

Can I wear Kester Black nail polish if I am pregnant?
We have no information to believe any of the ingredients or formulas pose a threat when used appropriately.  See article attached.

We manufacture cosmetics and other products according to the  ISO22716:2007 GMP for Cosmetics standard. The products supplied by us are cosmetics that have been assessed to be safe for use as cosmetics when used according to the recommended methods of use and wear.

Can I wear your nail polish if I am undergoing chemotherapy?
Yes, Kester Black nail polish is safe for people going through Chemotherapy treatment. Patients are recommended to wear nail polish to help protect soft nails during chemotherapy. To remove nail polish, be sure to use non-acetone based remover as it is less drying.

What kind of glitter do you use?
Biodegradable glitter, yay!

What accreditations do you have?
Pop on over to the accreditations page to read up on all of our current accreditations.

Do you donate to charity?

Yes! As well as the $1 we donate on your behalf from every order, we are committed to donating 2% of all revenue, including in-kind donations, to registered charities every year. Read all about the charities we support here.

Is Kester Black nail polish Organic/Natural?
Our polish is not certified organic but a large % of the formulation is derived from natural sources. Around 80% of the ingredients in our polishes are plant derived.

Does Kester Black nail polish contain Palm Oil?
No. We are proud to say that all of Kester Black products are palm oil free. Finding alternatives to natural commodities such as palm oil is very important to us. wW learned that approximately 300 football fields of forest are cut down each hour to make way for palm oil plantations. From rapid rates of deforestation and habitat degradation, to human rights and indigenous land injustices; it became crystal clear to us that palm oil production promotes very severe environmental and social impacts.

But doesn’t glycerine come from Palm Oil?

No, we use a glycerine that is coconut-based, which means its environmental impact is minimal compared to traditional glycerine production.

Why does nail polish chip?
Oil on the nail is the main cause of chipping. Here is a step-by--step guide of nail polish application to help you get the best results:

1. Shape the nail then wipe the nail surface with nail cleanser to remove any natural oils.
2. Apply a thin layer of basecoat. Allow to dry.
3. Apply a thin coat of nail polish. Allow to dry. Repeat for a second coat.
4. Finish with topcoat. Cover the tip of the nail to avoid chipping.
5. To prolong your new manicure, apply topcoat to the tip of the nail every two days.
6. Enjoy the compliments!

Why do fluos need 3-coats?
In making non-fluorescent colours, we start with a white base and add pigment. In making Fluro colours, we have to start with a clear base and add the pigment to that, which makes everything a little different. Because the fluro colours are not able to contain any white base, they require a few more coats to cover the nail and become opaque. If they did contain a white base, they wouldn’t be fluoro, they’d actually become pastel.

How do I save my gluggy nail polish?
You must use nail polish thinner to restore your nail polish back to new. A few drops will do. Never ever use nail polish remover to thin your polish, it will ruin it a month or so later.